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Alex Campbell

Born and raised in the South West of England, I moved to London and spent three years covering financial news of the FTSE 100.  It was during this time that I learnt how to point and shoot a video camera and edit quickly. I later worked at an agency where I managed with £1 million budgets across multiple countries. It was in also London where I met my wife, who I would eventually follow to America! It's a bit strange you folks don't like gin or tea as much, but I do enjoy how much bigger everything is here. After living in DC for three years, I've now found myself under the shadow of the Hollywood sign and I'm absolutely ready to be apart of the awesome city.


The difference between a Brit and an American is: a Brit thinks one hundred miles is a long way, and an American thinks one hundred years is a long time.


First and foremost, I think of myself as a storyteller. I particularly enjoy focusing on and learning from the stories of others -  their passions and experiences. In the digital age, the human experience can become lost in all the clutter. I am still highly motivated by the political landscape around me, and I have maintained my deep interest in international politics and human rights. I take great pleasure in using my video production expertise for projects I am passionate about. Engaging with new stories and learning from those stories constantly motivates my work in production.

I strive to combine my skills in both film and video as often as possible. I enjoy working across media and have created high-quality content via video, web design, documentary, and live online. I often work as both a team player and solo Producer/Editor. In my freelance work, I regularly shoot, direct and edit entire projects from start to finish. I am a natural self-starter who is always pushing the boundaries of my own skills as well as my content.



As a Brit, born and raised, to find myself way out here on the West Coast surrounded by so many creatives is amazing. If you're local or in town visiting I'm always up for getting a tea or coffee somewhere in this exciting city.